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Recommended Services

Many things go into getting a property ready for sale. Homes must be immaculate inside and out, allowing the buyer to imagine themselves living in the property. I trust these service providers to make each of my listings shine!

Curb Appeal

Coughlan Landscaping & Maintenance LLC is a premier full-service landscaping companies in Southern Maryland. Our experienced landscapers and management guarantee clean, professional, and prompt service that will leave your property looking its absolute best. Learn more about working with Coughlan Landscaping & Maintenance here

Staging a home brings measurable value!  Homes that are staged sell faster in a slow market and sell for more money in a hot market.  Homeowners that invest in staging typically have a better chance of selling their home at or above list price. Learn more about staging with KC Concepts Home Staging here.  

Into a Home
Notice You

SoMD SignTraker is Southern Maryland's premier sign management service for top real estate agents. This service offers a new way to order signs and manage your image in the marketplace. Save money, save time, gain efficiency. Learn more about sign management with SoMD SignTraker here

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